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I know most of you have asked me how in the world do I keep up with all that I do - well I'd like to share one of my secrets for staying organized with my gmail and ad exchanges. To some of you that don't know what an ad exchange is - it's a site that you can join and you agree to receive solo ads in your email account and most sites demand a gmail account for this. All of you know by now that I do alot of advertising my traffic exchanges and also other sites that are making me money. Well, I don't just use traffic exchanges, I also use these ad exchanges. I had previously wrote a blog on solo ads do work and also listed some of my favorite ones and even made it easy for you to check them out by clicking on the banners. Now on these ad exchanges, most will only send out 4-10 a day and I am sure you are thinking well that is not bad. Well it isn't if you are only on 2 or 3 - well I have found sooooooooooo many that I enjoy that I am not on over 150 of them - so you do the math and you can imagine what my gmail account looks like when I open it up lolololol There is no way that I can read that many ads a day - so here is what I do to save me time and in the long run makes it easy to get my credits when I need to earn credits. On these ad exchanges, you read a solo ad and then are rewarded credits for doing so and then you can TRADE those credits to submit your solo ad or even add your banners to the site. So this is how I organized my gmail account and hope this helps you with yours.

Go to your gmail account and when you are on your main page that show all messages, click on one. You will then notice that there is a drop down menu (more actions) - click on that and scroll down to filter messages like these - then another screen will come up. Now do you notice that ALL the emails for that address is listed - isn't that cool. Well, what I do is that I want all those in a folder with a label and this is how I do it. I click on next, wait for the next screen to come up. This is the page that you will create your filter with your label and then ALL the emails from that addy will go here and this will declutter your main page so that you want miss that important email anymore.

To do this I mark the box next to skip the inbox and then go down to apply the label and over to the drop down menu - scroll down to new label and a window will pop up and that is where you put the name you want on your label. I put the ad exchange name there and then hit ok and it takes you back to the previous screen and you will notice that the box has been automatically marked for you. Also, I go down and mark never send it to spam because I want to earn credit from those solo ads. Now DO NOT hit create filter yet. Next to create filter you will see another box to mark that says also apply filter to the x-number conversations below - mark that and you are asking why. What that does is move ALL those from your main page into your new folder you are creating. NOW you can click on create filter and then you will - then is will list your filters.

Go and click on inbox again and then you will see that all of those email are gone from your main list. You can see on the left side, the label you create is listed and you click on that label and that is where all the emails from that ad exchange is then. I did that with each ad exchange that I am on and then I don't have 1000's of emails in all messages.

One more thing now - when you are low on credits on an ad exchange now - you can click on that label, read your emails, earn your credits and then trade them for your ads or banner. Hope this helps you - I know it has helped me alot and keeps me more organized and it's really nice to click on ad from the ONE ad exchange that I need the credits for.

Good luck everyone, if you need help or have more questions let me know.


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Good tips Nancy

I have been using filters and labels to manage my gmail account for quite awhile now, but I never noticed the "Never send it to Spam" option.


Peter Fuller — Wed, 05/19/2010 - 2:58pm

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